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Click on the fire department 101 link below to get some facts on why 6-8 fire fighters on scene is extremely important within 5 minutes and what your fire department costs you the taxpayer among other facts related to the fire department.


Fire Department 101


This is a powerpoint style presentation that we can present to your organization. Please call one of us on the executive board to set up.  


Also please look at the Frost study. The Frost study was a study done in 2009 randomly sampling city residents looking at how satisfied they were with them. Theres more information in this study, please click on the link below.




 The attached file shows how the number of full-time positions has stayed the same, while requests for service have increased. Click on the link below to see the facts!


HFD call volume and employee history 


Watch the recent Holland Fire on the video page to see why minimum staffing of 6 to 8 personnel is critical to citizen and firefighter safety.


Please contact your city council if you believe council must prioritize the public’s safety in these tough economic times where Council will be deciding to cut City Services!!


Click Here to contact your council rep!!!! 


Fire Department Recent News-

   Check out the video page for  a recent house fire in the early AM on 8/22/2009.  You can see the importance of keeping a minimum of 6-8 fire fighters on duty at all times.


The mission of the Holland Fire Department is to protect lives and property in the community by aggressively enforcing modern fire prevention codes and laws; effectively educating the public of its role in fire safety; safely and efficiently extinguishing fires; and providing emergency medical, hazardous materials, and other services consistent with the role of a modern fire department.


Emergency Services

Non-Emergency/Administrative Services